Tuesday, 17 February 2015

An Interview with RSR Law Ltd


1. Tell us a little about the history of RSR Law Ltd.
RSR Law Ltd became an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) in Feb 2014 and was an amalgamation of a law firm (RSR Law), a Claims Management Company (CMC) (Sapphire Claims Management Ltd) and a marketing company (PinnacleOne Ltd), all of which had been working closely together since 2007.

2. Where in the UK are you based?
Our head office is soon to be based in Croydon, South London (as of March 2015), at present we are based in Beckenham, Kent, however we deal with personal injury claims and contentious probate throughout England and Wales. Our marketing arm is based in Welshpool, Wales.

3. How many partners and staff do you have?
RSR Law Ltd has three directors and has an additional 4 staff members.

4. What are your specialist areas of law?
RSR Law Ltd is an experienced law firm with over 45 years’ experience handling personal injury litigation, specifically Industrial Disease.  It also deals with Contentious Probate in respect of Will Challenges, and Employment Law.

5. How has the April 2013 referral fees ban affected your business?
In anticipation of the changes in that occurred in April 2013 we reduced our reliance on referred work well before the deadline.  Our in house marketing arm was able to bring in new claims consistently and far cheaper than under the old regime.  We believe our online marketing is second to none, and we welcomed this change.

6. Have you changed your marketing strategy as a result of the changes and if so how?

Yes – with our marketing now totally in house we are able to ensure that we stay abreast of any and all regulations, and as an ABS our strategy is solicitor lead. The basis of forming the ABS authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in Feb 2014, was to reduce costs and to bring the experience (and websites) of an established CMC and Marketing Company under the RSR Law Ltd banner.

Our marketing is now solely internet based via our extensive customer focused and dedicated websites SapphireClaims.com and ContestaWill2Win.com.  Our company has always specialised in Industrial Disease and has never pursued Road Traffic Accidents, Slip Trip Falls, nor Accidents at Work, so we have been a able to adapt quickly to the referral fee ban.

7. What do you think the public value most from a Personal Injury firm? What do they really want?
To be kept regularly informed, and not to be kept in the dark. Information and continuing updates on a clients' case is vital.  Our firms approach is definitely information driven, much of the content on our personal injury website (sapphireclaims.com) for example has been written by an in house biochemist, and an ex-poisons specialist from the NHS. The client values solicitor knowledge, information and the peace of mind that we understand the nature of their claim, all with a view to hopefully achieving a positive result.

8. The personal injury industry has had some bad press over the last few years, why do you think that is?
The bad press associated with personal injury in the eyes of the general public is clearly in regards to cold calling, whiplash claims and insurance premiums, and more recently Medical Negligence claims and the cost to the NHS. There is no doubt that the action of some CMCs, some unscrupulous claimants, a minority of dishonest solicitors, and the nature of the reporting by the press has played a major role in this.

Hopefully companies like ourselves with a strong client focus, and no cold calling policy will be able to change this perception.

9. What’s your most memorable experience of working in the personal injury sector?
For us as a company and a complete unit working together it must be the change made by the SRA allowing ABS's. This was a big leap for our company, allowing us to adapt to the new legislation and compete with much larger law firms and CMC's; in fact we have just reached our 1,000th personal injury contact since our new marketing strategy took effect.

10. Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Over the past year since forming the ABS we have gone from strength to strength and rank highly in both the personal injury and contentious probate sectors handling hundreds of cases each year.

Thank you to Andrew Paine of RSR Law Ltd for this interview.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Services provided by U.K Solicitors for Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle accidents have become more deadly on the U.K roads and accounts for 20% of the deaths due to accidents. Motorcycle riders make up only 1% of the traffic on the U.K roads, but a significant portion of motorcycle accidents are fatal in nature. There are also a significant percentage of motorcycle riders suffering serious injuries during such accidents. Personal injury solicitors in the United Kingdom help motorcycle riders to claim compensation available.

Motorcycle riders are exposed to different types of injuries from motorcycle accidents. Spinal and head injuries are the most common injuries sustained by motorcycle riders. There are also cases where riders have sustained fractures and broken bones resulting from motorcycle accidents. Other forms of motorcycle injuries include amputations, soft tissue injuries, whiplash and injuries resulting in mental and psychiatric disorders. These motorcycle injuries can be due to poor roads and spills from diesel tankers. Some accidents occur due to the potholes and bumpy surfaces on the roads.

Whatever be the type of injury or the reason for the accident, personal injury U.K lawyers help their injured clients to make a claim for the medical expenses incurred on diagnosing the actual problem or undergoing the required treatment and rehabilitation. Solicitors work with a number of injury care and physiotherapy clinics across the United Kingdom. The solicitors may also be able to get a replacement bike for the injured motorcycle rider. U.K Personal injury Solicitors do not usually take consultation charges if the claims made get rejected.

There have been several instances in the last few years where injured motorcycle riders have received compensation due to the efforts of experienced U.K personal injury solicitors. In December 2009, a firefighter from Durham got compensation of 8,000,000 pounds for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in 2002. The firefighter had lost one of his legs as a result of the accident. In another incident, a train driver was knocked off his motorbike in July 2006 by a car cutting across the road. The motorcycle rider was knocked off his bike and fell unconscious. The train driver had fractures on his shoulder blades, ribs, and right hand. Due to this accident, the train driver was asked to go on medical retirement. Thanks to the efforts of a person injury solicitor in United Kingdom, the train driver got a healthy compensation payout in November 2012.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Getting Help Recovering From a Motorcycle Accident

The Problem

Studies by the government show that recent motorcycle caused deaths have decreased, but injuries have increased by over 10%. While this is obviously a good sign for safety in that lives are being saved, these injuries are nothing to ignore by any means. Common motorcycle injuries come in a wide variety of degrees, from minor bumps to serious debilitating injuries and pain. These accidents can come at any time, to any rider no matter how experienced, so it is important to know how to handle them. 

The Response

When it comes to injuries, some riders will want a sense of justice, some will want help, and others will just hope to make it less likely to happen again. The outcome and attention of a claim can do just that, and is the obvious response to an injury of any type involving motorcycles. Whether the rider is looking to his insurance or the responsible party, it is important that the financial, physical, and emotional burdens caused by a motorcycle accident are covered by the claim. Quite simply, injured riders deserve help, but how does one make sure they will get it? 

A Helping Hand

The answer is easy: hire a solicitor. An experienced solicitor will know exactly what an injured rider needs during his recovery. With their expertise and history, a proper solicitor knows exactly what will help the situation and what to expect in the future. Handling the claim, the solicitor will guarantee the injury is taken seriously and the injured person is treated fairly. Insurance companies may look to avoid paying out or shift responsibilities around, but a lawyer is the perfect defense against this. In this time of need, a helping hand can make a huge difference. With the pain of the injury and impact it has on one’s life, having a solicitor to help smooth out the claim process will be invaluable. 


Once it is clear what it will take to recover from the injury and all aspects of the burden have been sorted with the help of a lawyer, the future will be much easier. There will be much to handle before getting back to life as usual, from injury recovery to bike repairs, it will all be a hassle that can be greatly smoothed with the assistance of a proper lawyer. So if one suffers from the terrible tragedy of a motorcycle accident, it is important to quickly contact a solicitor and file a claim.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Compensation Claim Services For Those Injured in a Plane Accident

Those plane travellers who have been the victim on an accident on a plan can apply for accidental claims through a reputed U.K solicitor. There are a number of accidents that are waiting to happen once a person board the plane. At times, the cabin crew personnel have been known to spill hot food or hot drinks onto a passenger sitting inside the plane. In some cases, passengers get an upset stomach due to contaminated food being served inside the aircraft. This results in diarrhoea, making the person extremely weak. Some passengers inside the plane get hit by falling objects stored in the overhead cabin. The extent of injury actually depends on the size and weight of the objects falling on the passengers.

There have been occurrences of passengers getting injured by trolleys used by the cabin crew. When the trolley moves down the aisle portion in the plane, some passengers accidentally drop their legs or hands outside their seats. This results in the trolley injuring the legs or hands of the passengers. There are also chances of passengers getting injured when they climb the stairway leading to the plane entrance. Passengers might slip or tip while climbing the stairway, resulting in nasty fall injuries. Passengers encountering any such injuries inside the plane or while entering the plane are commonly eligible for compensation claims for the injuries caused. The injured passengers usually need to raise the claim within two years of the plane accident date.

Once the injured passenger recovers fully from the injuries caused in the plane, they can approach an experienced U.K solicitor who has many years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Solicitors would be able to advise the passenger on whether they have a valid claim in place. If the solicitors find that the case is fit for a claim, they will describe the entire process involved in making the claim. The solicitor explain to the passengers the different forms that needs to be filled and the evidence that is required to be produced. If the solicitor finds that the case is not fit for making a claim, they advise the passengers accordingly and do not charge for the initial consultation services provided.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Compensation for Accidents on Public Trains or Metros

The Increase in Use of Public Trains and Metro

Over the last dozen years, the use of public trains and metro has increase with the increase of gas prices. Thousands of people use these public forms of transportation to go to work, visit friends and family members, go to spot of interests, and school without having to spend money on petrol. A few public train stations even use a “Park and Ride” system where you can park your car and then ride the train and metro for the day. Public transportation has become an important resource of today’s economy.

Just as the uses of these forms of transportation are rising, so are the system of rules used to keep them a safe environment for all its passengers. Unfortunately, the risk of an accident are always present in everyday life, even on public transportation. Being injured on a form of public transportation can offer a claim to pay for the injuries, pain and suffering and even other things that may factor into each case separately. 

Who Is at Fault?

Who is at fault in a public transportation claim is not always initially clear. There could be a chain reaction that could have lead to someone getting hurt and a claim can be filed against the many possible reasons that someone has gotten injured. For example, it might not only be the fault of the driver. The accident could have occurred because of a computer error, mechanical malfunction, a traffic director error, poor planning in street directions, or another number of possible culprits.

It would be in the victim’s best interest to contact a lawyer immediately after the accident to be able to get the maximum amount from their claim as possible. Seeing how there is a number of things that could have gone wrong, running through the crime scene with someone who is use to the nature of the trade is in the victim’s best interest. 

Filing a Claim

Having a claim filed for an accident on a form of public transportation is something that should be done immediately after the accident. There is a statute of limitation on public incidents. This means that there is a strict time limit and guideline that must be followed in order to receive any amount from the claim. Each case is different. Contact a lawyer immediately in order to get the most compensation for what happened.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Compensation for Injuries on a Public Bus

The Rise in Use of Public Buses

With the increase in the price of petrol, public buses are being used from people anywhere from high school students to the working class citizen. Daily, thousands of people embark on buses to their destination and they expect the bus to be a safe environment, and for them to function properly. They don’t expect there to be a chance of harm in any way due to any negligence of the bus driver or the bus company. If anyone does get hurt, they should be compensated by the bus company for their injuries. 

Determining Who Is at Fault

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Many factors play into injury reports from public transportation services. Whether it was the fault of a third party, the bus mechanic, improper equipment, or if it was an error on the driver’s part. It could also be the fault of the city. There could be poorly designed traffic patterns, computer issues or even wrongly placed directional signs that could have lead to the injury. Determining who is at fault can point to more than one faulty party. The compensation that the victim gets will be affected by the number of faulty parties there are. 


Getting a skilled solicitor will definitely increase the chances of a good outcome to your case. They should be able to properly identify who was at fault and how much compensation you should get for it. Contact a lawyer immediately after the accident has occurred. Injury on a public bus has a stature of limitation. This means that after a certain amount of time has passed, your claim will have no grounds. You won’t be able to file a claim. Its best that a lawyer is contact immediately and that a claim is filed as soon as possible.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Handling the Aftermath of a Head Injury

The Damage

When it comes to injuries, head injuries are among the worst of the bunch. Even the most seemingly small of head injuries can lead to long term damage or unforeseeable impact, making them hard to diagnose and react accordingly. Whether the injury is the result of terrible work accidents, car crashes, or just a general mishap, a personal injury to the head can have a lasting impact on anyone’s life. It is important to know that sufferers are not alone though, as Headway reports that over 1 million people in the UK are admitted to hospitals for head injuries every year. 

How to Handle It

Of course this does not even include unreported injuries, which are an easy case to highlight how often injuries to the head can be ignored. The brain is a sensitive organ, so it is important to ensure the best care and treatment right away even if serious symptoms are delayed in their appearance. Insurance companies may want to avoid this route, as adjusters will try to do their job and save the company a little money, but this does not mean one should downplay their personal injury as if it is not serious. On top of this, when an accident is involved there is often another party responsible, which must be held accountable. Whether this is a work accident or personal injury situation, many look for financial assistance to deal with the consequences and even hope to find something more, like a sense of fairness and justice. A lawsuit can be the ideal platform to achieve this. 

Getting Help

While getting a medical professional’s opinion may be the first step, getting a lawyer involved is just about as important. The life impact of an accident can be overwhelming, but a personal injury solicitor will have the experience to guide one through recovery. Getting the responsible party to maintain accountability may not be easy, but it is a job that solicitors are very skilled at doing. Of course with insurance companies trying to lowball and ignore the issue at hand, a lawyer is also vital to communications with the company. Whether your focus is planning for the future or fixing the past, a lawyer will tap into a wealth of experience and decide the best way to handle an unfortunate situation like a work accident.